This article appeared in the November/December 1998 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper.

The Master Genealogist Tips

By Lee H. Hoffman


Creating Your Reports. Many users don’t realize that they can create many reports of a single type. Often users will make a List of People report definition to set a flag. Then they need to generate a List of People to create a new dataset. So they modify the report they had for setting flags to do what they want for creating a new dataset. Then later they want to run the first report again and have to re-create it.

There is no need to do this and TMG will allow you to have many reports of any one type. I even have multiple report definitions that are almost the same with the difference being that one prints to the screen and the other prints to a file. I have one Genealogy report definition that I use for creating a report for one family and others for different family members. Some report definitions are used to create short reports to include in an e-mail to someone telling quickly what I have on a particular line. These doesn’t contain much, are not indexed or contain citations and generally are used to see if there might be a match between my family and the correspondant’ family. Then if there is a match, I can send much more detailed information to my new correspondant.

So instead of modifying some report, consider creating another report definition with a different name. You can start from scratch with a brand new report definition or you can make a copy of a report definition that you already have and modify it to the new definition. Either way, you can increase the utility of TMG the way you want it.

Screen Views. Did you know that you can change the System Configuration Screen to turn off the screen tabs (Person View/Family View/Tree View)? This will give you more room on the screen for the tag box, etc. While this does away with the ability to switch views quickly using the mouse, you can still quickly swap views using the hot-keys (Control-P, Control-F and Control-T) or via the View menu at the top of the screen.

View History. TMG now supports a view history of the most recently accessed persons during the current session with a particular dataset. This option is controlled via the System Configuration Screen and allows you to retain the history of up to 35 different persons. When the System Configuration history option is turned on, you can switch between views by selecting the desired view from the View menu.

Other ways of switching views remain available, such as Last View, and up to ten bookmarks. Bookmarks allow you to go to
a specific view and person through the use of a hot-key.

Toolbars and Configuration. TMG supports a Windows toolbar. The toolbar (with Tooltips or bubble help) is changeable through the System Configuration Screen. You can add your own TMG "tools to the toolbar including you own self-designed button icons

Since many users want to customize TMG in different ways for different datasets, you can now change System Configurations by backing up and restoring each different configuration desired.

Languages. TMG allows you to create reports in other languages. Sometimes you may want to modify the translations or even add a language. You may do this through the System Configuration Screen. Select the Date/Time tab and click on the Language Translation button. For example, if you wanted to add a language called ISNEW, you would click on the Add A Language button enter the language name and then add information about yourself (since you are the translator). and click OK. This adds the language to the dataset and returns you to the Modify Language Translations window. Now with ISNEW highlighted, click on the Edit Language button. TMG now displays the Strings view showing the English words or phrases, examples of how each phrase or word is to be used and a column for you to enter your translation of the word or phrase in the ISNEW language.

Note that while you can modify the English language itself, you can edit and modify the Alternate "language" by substituting different English words (or spellings) for those used by TMG.

TMG on the Web. There are a number of places on the World Wide Web that you may visit to learn more about TMG and how others use the program. In addition to the Wholly Genes website (shown below), you can also find hints and tips on other sites including my own website <>. I have posted some pages there that are much too long to include here. You may find something there that helps you use TMG faster, easier, and better. I also have links to other websites that show ways of using TMG that may help you.


Further information about The Master Genealogist can be obtained from Wholly Genes, Inc., 5144 Flowertuft Ct, Columbia, MD 21075, on the TMG website <> or tollfree at 1-800-982-2103, TMG Tech Support is available at 1-410-715-2260 or by e-mail at <>.

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