Prince WilliamCounty, Virginia
Will Book C (1734-1744)
Page 115-116


The fourth day of October Anno Domini 1736, I Daniel Oriar of the County of Prince William and. Colony of Virg:a being very sick and weak in Body but of perfect mind & memory thanks be givem unto God, therefore calling into mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all mankind to die, do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament. That is to say, principally & first of all, I give & recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it & for my Body recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a christenlike & decent manner at ye discretion of my Executors whom hereafter I shall appoint nothing doubting bu at ye General Resurrection I shall rejoin the same againby the might power of God: And as to my worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this life assuring just Debts and funeral expenses are paid, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner & form Viz:-

ITEM I give & bequeath to my Loving Son John Oriar that part of my land lying & between the North Side of Goose Run & the South Side of the County Road to him and his heirs for ever.

ITEM I give and bequeath to me Loving Son Daniel Oriar my Plantation whereon I now live with the remainder of my land lying and between the North Side of the County Road and the South side of Dorrets Run to him and his heirs for ever.

ITEM I give & bequeath to my Loving Son John Oriar one young Cow & Calf, one three years old Mare , one three Gallons Iron Pott, two Pewther Basons each one Gallon, three new Pewther Glasses to be delivered when he arrives to the age of twenty one years.

ITEM I give & bequeath to my Loving Son Daniel Oriar, one young Cow and Calf, one-three years old Mare, one four Gallons Iron Pott, one New Pott or Bason, one new Deep Pewther Dish, three new Pewdier Gines to be delivered when he arrives to the age of twenty one years.

ITEM I give & beqeath to my Loving Wife Estor Oriar all the rest of my Estate (not before Willed or named) and furthor - my Will and desire is that my two Sons John & Daniel Oriar before named have each of them two Years Schooling & I likewise do institute, make & ordain my dearly beloved Wife, my Father in Law William Thorn & my brother John Oriar, my only and sole Executors of this my last Will & Testament & I hereby do merely disallow, revoke & rescind all & every other former Testaments, Wills & Legasies, Bequeaths, and Executors by me in any ways before this time Named Willed & Bequeathed, & my Will & desire is that my Estate be not appraised but that all the legacys be delivered in kind as they are mentioned satsfying & confirming this, and no other, to be my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seath teh Day & Date before written -

Daniel Larson Oriar

-Signed, Sealed published & Delivered in the presence of us.

John Metcalfe
Richard Warsdell
John Catlett

At a Court held for Prince William County April 25 1737 This will was proved by the oaths of the Witnesses hereto - and admitted to Record and on the motion of William Thorne, Hester Oriar & John Oriar (Exec. herein named) and their performing what is usual In Such Cases, Certificate was granted them for obtaining a probate in due form.
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