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The Master Genealogist (TMG) is (in my opinion) simply the best genealogy database program on the market. It is designed as a research aid and as such really helps you analyze your data to determine where you need to concentrate you work. It is virtually unlimited in what you may enter and will allow you to retain multiple pieces of conflicting data for an event if you wish. You are encouraged to document your entries with your sources, enter questions about the data in a research log which may be printed for use during research trips. Data entry is easy and almost intuitive. TMG has a custom report writer that is very powerful and provides for nearly any kind of report that would be desired.

TMG provides a great deal of flexibility for the user. Rather than forcing you to adapt to its methods, you can adapt it to your style. TMG is excellent for professional genealogists. However, it is also excellent for beginning and part-time genealogists. Almost all of the advanced features that are available are transparent to the user until requested. In other words, TMG does not force you in any way.

I am not financially associated with Wholly Genes, Inc. in any way. I am just a very satisfied user. I am a beta tester, and write a semi- monthly column about TMG. But, again, these are as a satisfied user.

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