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New House

We started building our new house in April 2001.  Of course, there was a lot of preparatory work.  I had to design it and draw up the plans for approval by the local authorities, arrange for sub-contractors, and workers.  From the day that we started laying out the house on the lot until the last sub-contractor left the site, I was involved with every aspect of the project.  Basically, I had two good workers who stayed with me throughout although I occasionally had from two to six other workers for the building process.  Click on any of the images below to see a larger view.

After we dug and poured the footer, I got a sub-contractor to lay the foundation: Then we started setting the beams for the first floor:
including provisions for a bay window and a chimney: Then we started building the first floor walls:
We added the second floor, walls ands roof with back steps:
After the roof was done, we put the siding on:
Chimney.JPG (45950 bytes)
Added the back deck and sodded the yard:
Bay Window.JPG (47069 bytes) Back Deck.JPG (86979 bytes)
Frnt-Sodded1.JPG (88740 bytes) Frnt-Sodded2.JPG (86421 bytes)
Lastly we added the flagpole shown at the top

We moved in January 2002 and are finally settled.  We still can't find things that we knew exactly where they were in the old house. All the computers are yet to be hooked up.  And the Network Server needs to be installed.  There are a few other things that will get done as we think about them (and have time to do them).  But we are in and happy to be moved. 

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