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I served in the Navy for 21 years from 1956 to 1976.  During that time, I served at the following duty stations:

While in my first fleet outfit, Patron NINE, I was advanced to Aviation Electronics Technician Second Class Petty Officer.  I was advanced to Aviation Electronics Technician First Class Petty Officer while in Atkron SIXTY-SIX.  I changed ratings to Aviation Maintenance Administrationman while in Fitron ONE SEVEN FOUR and advanced to Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Chief Petty Officer while still in Atkron ONE SEVEN FOUR.

During assignments in Alaska, Iceland, and in USS John F. Kennedy, I was above the Arctic Circle and thus qualified as a Blue Nose three times.  I crossed the Equator four times while on a World Cruise in USS Enterprise as part of Nuclear Task Force ONE and thus became a Shellback.  I also qualified for the Golden Dragons when Enterprise crossed the International Dateline which (because we sailed west to east) makes me one day younger than I really am (well, on paper anyway).

I have dined in numerous countries including: Spain, France, England, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Iceland, Pakistan, Australia, and Brazil.  I have seen Russia (Siberia) from 5,000 feet over the Bering Straits while our squadron was assisting the USS NAUTILUS (SSN-593) in her first transit of the North Pole by sailing under the ice.

I served with some great men and women during my career.  Contacting other shipmates I have known during my career is something that makes my day. So if you think we served together, drop me a line at:   

I am currently a member of Bluegrass Branch 284 Fleet Reserve Association in Lexington, Kentucky.  We meet at 1900 the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Ryan's Steakhouse (across Man of War from Hamburg).  Come join us. 

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