Family Group Sheet Submission

Don't find your line in one of the Family Trees shown on my web site?  You may send it to me and I will add it to my Family Database! You can submit as many Family Group Sheets as necessary to show where your line connects into the family as I presently have it.  If you don't want the information published on the Internet, I can suppress that if you wish.   But if you connect to one of my families, I would like to have your information as I'd like to know who all my relatives and cousins are.   Click here to go to the Family Group Sheet form, fill out as much as you can (suggestions below) and click on the [SEND] button.  Your e-mail program should then forward it to me.  Thanks a lot!!

Family Group Sheet entry Suggestions

The following are suggestions only to ensure that I don't mis-interpret something:

Go to the Family Group Sheet Submission Form.  Use your browser's back arrow to return here.  Thanks!!

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