Historical Documents
Montgomery County, Kentucky

Including Histories by Richard Reid, Wallace Gruelle, Edward O. Guerrant, William Calk's Journal and Biographical Sketches of Numerous Historical Persons in Montgomery County

Compiled by
Lee H. Hoffman

Published 2006  by:
The Montgomery County Historical Society
Mt/ Sterling, Kentucky

ISBN:   0-9721567-2-0

120 pp + Index

Almost everyone interested in the history of Mt. Sterling, and the other communities in Montgomery County are familiar with many of the documents and persons mentioned in this compilations.  Those that are not yet knowledgeable about these document now have a single place to find them.  These documents are often the first place that historical researchers go to begin their studies.  The compiler has added more by including footnote to many of the things mentioned in the documents often explaining the items in today's terms.

In addition to the document, there are numerous biographical sketches telling more of the lives of just some of the historical figures of Montgomery County.  The sources for this data is included.  This can then provide great help to researchers.

The retail price of the book is $19.50.
It is available from the:

Montgomery County Historical Society
P. O. Box 861
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky  40353

Lee H. Hoffman.
All proceeds go to the Montgomery County Historical Society.

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