THE RIGHT HONORABLE Catherine Lady Fairfax Dutchess Dowager of Cameron in Scotland The Only Daughter & Heir of Thomas late Lord & Marguritte late Lady Culpeper Decd. And Sole & Only Proprietr. of the Northern Neck of Virginia

To all to whom this present writing shall Come send Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting

WHEREAS John & Danl. Orea of the County of Stafford Upon their Suggestions of a Certain quantity of Land belonging to me in the sd. County wch. is not yett Granted did on the 31st day of May last Obtain a Warrt. from my Office for laying out the same And having Returned a Survey thereof Undr. the Hand of Thomas Hooper Surveyr.

KNOW YE therefore that I for & in Consideration of the Compensation to me paid & the Annuall Rent hereafter Reserved Have granted Made Over & Confirmed And by these Presents Do Grant Make Over & Confirm Unto the sd. John & Danl. Orea Four Hundd. Acres of Land Scituate lying & being on Goose Run & Dorrells Run Issuing out of Occaquan River & Adjoyning to the Land of Capt. Thomas Harrison & Thomas Whitledge of the County of Stafford Aforesd. & bounded According to the sd. Survey as followeth VIZ:
Begining at a a marked wte. Oak Standing in the sd. Harrisons and Whitledges line by the side of a Valley & Extending thence South twenty one Degrees East Two Hundd. Fourty Poles to a Hiccory thence South Forty Degrees West twenty four Poles to a Red Oak thence South twenty two Poles to a red Oak thence West Seventy Four Poles Crossing a branch of Goose Run to a red Oak Standing in a Poyson Field thence North West two Hundd. Eighty Eight Poles Crossing the Other branch of Goose Run to a hiccory thence South West Sixty Pole to a wte. Oak thence North thirty five Degrees West Seventy Eight Pole to two Ash trees growing together at the Roots Standing on Dorrills Run thence along the water Course of the sd. Run According to the Meanders thereof wch. being Reduced into a Streight line is North Seven Degrees East One Hundd. forty four Pole to a Poplar Standing by the sd. Run side being the Upper Corner Tree of the said Harrisons & Whitledges Land thence along their line South Sixty Five Degrees East Two Hundd. Sixty Eight Pole Crossing a branch of the sd. Goose Run to a great wte. Oak Standing on the Edge of the Western Branch of the sd. Goose Run thence Crossing the sd. branch North fifty five Degrees East fifty Pole to the begining wte. Oak
TOGETHER WITH all Rights Members & Appurtenances thereunto belonging Royall Mines Excepts and the full third Part of all Ledd Copper Tin Coals & Iron Mines that Shall be be found thereon

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD The sd. Four Hundd. Acres of Land Together wth. all Rights Proffitts & Benefitts to the Same belonging or in any wise Appertaining Except before Excepted to them the sd. John & Danl. Orea their heirs & Assigns for Ever They the sd. John & Danl. Orea their Heirs & Assigns therefore YEILDING and PAYING To me my heirs and Assigns Or to the Certain Attorney Or Attorneys of me the sd. Proprietr. Or to the Certain Attorney Or Attorneys of my heirs & Assigns Proptrs. of the sd. Northern Neck Yearly & Every Year on the Feast of St. Michaell the Arch Angell the Fee Rent of One Shilling Sterling Money for Every Fifty Acres of Land hereby Granted

PROVIDED That if they the sd. John & Danl. Orea their heirs & Assigns shall not pay the before Reserved Annuall Rent so that the Same or any part thereof shall be behind or Unpaid by the Space of two wholeYears after the Same shall become Due if Lawfully Demanded it then it shall & may be Lawfull for me my heirs and Assigns Certain Attorneys or Agents into the above Granted premises to Reenter & hold the Same so as if this Grant had never Passed.

Given at my Office in Lancastr. County, wthin. my sd. Proprietory Undr. my Seal Witness my Agent & Attorney full Authorized thereto Dated the thirtieth Day of Augt. In the tenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne of Great Brittain France & Ireld. Queen Defendr. of the Faith &c. ANNOQ DOMI.


John & Danl. Orea their Deed for 400 Acres of Land in Stafford Estate(?)

*Note: The last word 'Estate' is a bit cut off in my copy but that's what it looks like. There are many abbreviations used in this document, most of them I've left as is, such as: "Hundd." for "Hundred", "sd." for "said", "wte." for "white", "wch." for "which", etc. Others that I've changed are abreviations that look like "ye" with the e being placed above the y for the word "the", a "yt" with the t over the y for the word "that", and a "ym" with the m over the y for the word "them". I've seen transcriptions that transcribe the "ye" literally as ye, but since the word "the" is also used in the document, it seems to me that these short forms were used merely as a convenience and so I've transcribed them as we would write them. The document uses practically no punctuation. Words that I've transcribed in all capital letters were given special prominence by their size in the original document, but were not all capitalized there. All spelling errors are courtesy of the Lady Fairfax. :)

Transcribed by Paul O'Rear, April 6th, 1998.